The Basic Components of a Home Solar Power System

by Ed Tsunoda

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are simple compared to new high-efficiency heating systems.    You have panels, that collect the sunlight/ photons.  The collected DC power runs into an inverter, which converts the power from DC power- to- AC power.   You have a meter than can spin backwards for “net-metering” purposes.  For safety there are a few shut off switches throughout the system, and the the electrical wiring is ran through electrical conduit.  Most people have no clue how an internal combustion engine works, but they are happy to drive everyday without giving it much though.  In comparison, a PV solar system is as more basic than the braking system on a modern car, whether you understand how it works or not you drive your  car everyday, and over 1 million homes throughout the world power their homes with sun light.


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