Texas Leading In New Wind Energy Production

by Ed Tsunoda

Wind has never been a bigger contributor to the nation’s energy production as it is today, and surprisingly it’s a state known mostly for it’s fossil fuel energy that is the nation’s leader in producing wind energy as well. Texas it turns out isn’t just the nation’s leader, but also it’s fasting growing wind energy producer.

Across the nation, wind energy accounted for almost one-third of new power capacity over the past five years and the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) estimates that wind energy has the potential to double over the next few years.

Nowhere is the growth in wind energy more evident than in Texas, the nation’s top wind producing state. Texas’ wind energy generation grew by 13% in 2013 and more than 60% of all wind projects under construction in the first part of the year were in Texas.

source: edf.org

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