Solar Panel Installation Discounts In Chicago

by Ed Tsunoda

Chicago is providing a 25% discount of solar panel installations on rooftops in the city to try and kick start a solar energy boom in the city. The program is funded by the World Wildlife Fund so it isn’t costing the city or the taxpayers, and is done in cooperation with Vote Solar.

The idea, announced Wednesday, is to jumpstart solar installations in the city, according to Chicago’s Chief Sustainability Officer Karen Weigert. Similar programs have kicked off hundreds of installations in other regions, she said.

“We think of this as a way to bring more people into thinking about solar as an option,” she said. “And as the market gets stronger with more installations happening in Chicago, we expect there to be more and more growth.”

The city is paying nothing under the program, which stems from a World Wildlife Fund grant. WWF contracted with Vote Solar and the Chicago-based Environmental Law and Policy Center to administer the program.


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