Small Shady Roof? Join A Solar Community Garden

by Ed Tsunoda

If you live in an urban area or in a complex where you don’t own your roof, or even if you don’t have the right sun exposure or your roof is just too small, it doesn’t preclude you from joining the solar revolution and enjoying all the benefits of going solar. According to the NY Times, all over the country, people are creating co-op solar community gardens to share the benefits with their neighbors.

Like many consumers, David Polstein had already done much to reduce energy use in his large Victorian home in Newton, Mass. He replaced his appliances with energy-efficient models, installed better heating and put in new insulation. But he was unable to get a solar system to reduce his utility bill, he said, because his roof is too small and shady to make it worthwhile.

Now, that could be changing. Mr. Polstein is considering joining a so-called community solar garden that is under development in his part of the state, one of many similar new arrangements now available in Massachusetts. Through the approach — largely pioneered in Colorado and spreading across the country — customers buy into a solar array constructed elsewhere and receive credit on their electricity bills for the power their panels produce.


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