Renewable Energy Capacity Reaches New Highs

by Ed Tsunoda

With wind and solar and other home grown renewable energy sources continuing to find support in more and more areas around the country, it turns out it’s happening all over the world, with an 8.3% jump in the world’s overall renewable capacity in 2013.

The report will be released on Wednesday in New York at the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All Forum, which is an opportunity for countries to discuss progress on sustainable energy, two years on from the Rio+20 summit.

It was at the 2012 summit that world leaders declared they would act to make ‘sustainable energy for all’ a reality to help reach development goals.

Arthouros Zervos, Chair of REN21, said global perceptions of renewable energy are shifting, but that policy is key to cementing a long term shift.

“Over the last 10 years, continuing technology advances and rapid deployment of many renewable energy technologies have demonstrated that the question is no longer whether renewables have a role to play in the provision of energy services, but rather how we can best increase the current pace to achieve a 100% renewables future with full energy access for all.”
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