Property-Assessed Financing for Clean Energy (PACE)

by Ed Tsunoda


PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy, but they forgot the letter F for financing.    Guess PAFCE didn’t look as good, never the less.

PACE financing, helps home and business owners finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for their property, and repaid it through a special assessment on their property tax, paid over a period of years or decades.

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Very recently, lenders started offering favorable loan terms for  residential solar energy projects, and now PACE is now just one of many ways to go solar with no money out of pocket to start.   There are no money out of pocket leasing programs,  as well as no money down financing programs available in most states.   In states such as Connecticut, where more than 50% of the total PV system cost is taken care of by state grants and feral tax credits, solar financing companies allow you to own your solar PV system without a lien on your property.

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