Hybrid Car Dealers Offer Solar Power Packages

by Ed Tsunoda

Did you ever get the feeling that your hybrid car might still be a giant fossil fuel sucking monster because the electricity it uses is still provided by the local coal or other environment destroying fossil fuel burning utilities plant? Yeah, I just ruined your day, didn’t I? But now car manufacturers have a solution! Charge your hybrid electric car with solar power!

Buyers of Volkswagen or Audi hybrids will find themselves getting yet another sales pitch as they leave a U.S. dealership next year — to buy a home power network that allows them to charge their new cars using only solar power.

SunPower Corp., the second-largest U.S. solar manufacturer, has joined German automaker Volkswagen AG to market the panel and battery systems in a bid to get environmentally conscious customers interested in residential power systems.

It’s part of the San Jose, California-based company’s vision to reach new customers through consumer electronics, hybrid cars and other devices that use electricity, Chief Executive Officer Tom Werner said in a phone interview yesterday. With battery systems to store power generated from rooftop panels to release on demand, SunPower customers can make their hybrid car truly solar-powered, reducing the amount of electricity they need to buy from the grid, he said.

source: renewableenergyworld.com

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