Homeowners Switch To Solar To Stabilize Energy Costs

by Ed Tsunoda

More and more homeowners are finding that solar power installs can not only be cost effective because of local, state, and federal incentives, but because they remove the volatility of the fossil fuel energy market from your costs. The more of your own power you generate, the less susceptible you are to rising prices from world demand, international conflict, harsh weather, etc.

A growing number of homeowners, businesses, and institutions in New York and across the country are adopting solar. Driving that interest is a combination of affordability, awareness, environmental concerns, and increasingly aggressive state and federal incentives.

And solar’s supporters say that the spike in electric prices this past winter will probably generate even more interest in solar technology. Utility companies blamed the price increases, which happened during periods of particularly harsh weather, on tight natural gas supplies.

“I think people really look at those sort of things and say ‘OK, what can I do to stop that from happening to me in the future?'” says Kevin Schulte, CEO of Sustainable Energy Developments, a company based in Wayne County. “And solar is a very good way to remove that volatility from your life.”

source: rochestercitynewspaper.com

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