Homeowner Association Rules, Solar Access Laws

by Ed Tsunoda

People think just because they have a homeowners association within their community they can’t go with solar energy.   Most people are surprised to learn this isn’t true at all.  In fact many states have special laws in place that help homeowners within areas with “homeowner associations” to get solar, without the usual expense and headache that would otherwise take place.

At the state level, the most common type of solar access law is a solar easement. A solar easement allows the owner of a solar-energy system to secure rights to continued access to sunlight from a neighboring party whose property could be developed in such a way (e.g., building, landscaping) as to restrict the system’s access to sunlight. A solar rights law, on the other hand, provides protection by limiting or prohibiting private restrictions (e.g., neighborhood covenants and bylaws, local government ordinances and building codes) on the installation of solar-energy systems.

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