Green Mountain Power Named 2014 Solar Utility Champion

by Ed Tsunoda

Green Mount Power is Vermont’s largest electric utility.  CEO Mary Powell, is leading the company towards renewable energy as it’s customers made it quite clear, the people of Vermont want renewable energy.  The leadership of Green Mount Power has embarrassed solar and other renewable for it’s source of energy, and has won awards for doing so.

Serving 75% of Vermont, GMP is the state’s largest electric utility. Led by Powell, GMP is a shining example of a utility that is working to find new ways to meet strong customer demand for solar. Unlike many of its utility peers, GMP has set a precedent for recognizing the full value of increased private, distributed solar investment on its grid. GMP has championed raising the state’s net metering cap to ensure that energy customers continue to be fairly compensated for the valuable local power they deliver to the utility. Net metering is one of a number of programs GMP has championed to achieve its goals of delivering low cost, low carbon, reliable power.



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