wind power

Think of energy and oil in the US and you think of Texas. But you might not think solar energy potential, until you consider it’s solar friendly close to the equator flat desert area exposed to some of the most power solar radiation in the world geographic positioning. Plus, it turns out that having the […]

Solar And Wind Rush Past Water

In the battle between earth’s elements, Solar and Wind have overtaken Water as power generating resources in America. Those damned renewables will see their output doubled by Wind and Solar as soon as 2040 according to projections. Wind and solar power in particular are driving the shift, fueled by state mandates that require utilities to […]

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Solar Companies Sue In Arizona

Conservative governments both local and federal usually eschew new taxes, except of course when they can be used to prevent progress for crazy liberal ideas like renewable energy and solar power, am I right? This is no exception, as Solar Energy companies take the fight to Republican Governor Jan Brewer for a ludicrous tax that […]

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Texas Leading In New Wind Energy Production

Wind has never been a bigger contributor to the nation’s energy production as it is today, and surprisingly it’s a state known mostly for it’s fossil fuel energy that is the nation’s leader in producing wind energy as well. Texas it turns out isn’t just the nation’s leader, but also it’s fasting growing wind energy […]

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Renewable Powered Web Hosting

One of the first tests of any company you’re working with for any kind of renewable energy system – whether it’s solar power, or wind power, or bio fuels – is whether the business you’re talking to walks the walk, or just talks the talk. Look for service providers that use 100% renewable energy or have […]

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